Stroller Fan with Flexible Tripod




I’m really pleasantly surprised by how much I like this fan. I bought it to provide cooling when I’m running on my treadmill (the built in fan doesn’t work on my treadmill). I like that this fan is rechargeable and very portable. The flexible legs are really neat because it allows you to attach it to a stroller or other item with a bar. The fan can be switched between a high/medium/low setting and it even has a light! If you’re looking for a small fan for fitness, walks, sporting events etc. this is a good choice.


Oh, my god, it's great. When I go to bed, I want to calm down quickly, but then I just want the air to move. I don't even have to wake up all the time to change the speed and reduce the noise. Walking, you can hear the birds outside! Worth every penny

Jessica mena

Good fan for hanging around in the car. The flexible legs really help. The noise level is okay--can be quiet at low speed-- and is able to pull a fair amount of air.


I love this little fan. I bought it for the hospital for my delivery of my child (I work there and its always hot on the floor) but use it often. It easily can be sat, propped or tied onto an surface. It has 3 fan speeds which are surprisingly great and a lot of air flow. The LED has been nice too to use for diaper changes without waking anyone else up (also has 3 light dimmers). I do wish it could last longer when charged. If you have it on thr highest level fan it won't last a whole night but almost. The way I fixed this problem was plugging the charging cord into a power bank.. bam air all night. (I used this fan for travel after having the baby... so yes I realize a house fan is a better option for the regular lol)


I have this little fan wrapped around my reading light. It works great, battery life is great.

wansley ricks

So happy I purchased this fan! I have a newborn and use it when we go for walks. I also use it when I am breast bumping and get hot. Very pleased with this fan!

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